Here are some kind words from both past and current clients of Skipping Stones Counseling. Our goal is to empower you to understand your potentially destructive patterns and reach your goals.


“She is very passionate about serving individuals with behavior health needs and always presents in a professional manner.” – Becky

“You have a way of gathering information and making observations in a therapeutic and safe manner. You taught me about anxiety in a way that made it normal and joined with me at a pace that was safe when I was anxious”. – Natalie

“You know I always feel better after I talk with you.”  – Amy

“I really feel like you cared, always welcoming and makes others feel safe. I appreciate your calm and accepting nature.” – Thomas

“I appreciate your holistic view of what is effecting me, looking not only at presenting symptoms but also at all factors that may be contributing to the way I’m responding.” – Peter

“Julie is a warm and loving person who is able to relate to others and offer support without judgement. I always feel better after talking with her. I highly recommend.”   – Tara